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The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan Read Along: Week 4

If you haven't read the book, or the whole series, why not join in and read along with the rest of us? You can find links to everyone else’s thoughts at On Starships and Dragonwings

This week we read through to the end of Chapter 27.

1. Rand had quite a connection with that statue that Captain Caldevwin was digging up. What do you think it is?

I imagine that one of his previous incarnations was familiar with the statue. It sounds very similar to the thing that Captain Domon described on the island of Tremalking. From what Selene was saying, it sounds like they were built / made in the Age of Legends. I can only assume that they are angreals of some type that allow a person to draw more of the One Power. This one seems to be a statue of a man, so perhaps it is meant to be used by male Aes Sedai, which is why it calls out to Rand.

2. We had quite an informative look into Moraine and Lan's relationship. What do you think about Moraine's actions concerning Lan's bond?

I know who she intends to receive his bond, so I will try to be really careful how I answer this question.

It sounds like this is a very unusual step to take, but I suppose that Aes Sedai do not have to deal with many deadly things at this time in history. I find it rather touching that she does not want him to waste his life on revenge or depression if she dies before him. It also highlights how dangerous she thinks life is going to get in the immediate future, which is fairly scary in itself. I know that Lan is shocked at her intention to pass him on like a pair of old socks, but she is doing this for his benefit and he will come to see that.

3. Poor Nynaeve had to go through quite a lot in her trials. What do you think each were about (especially that first one....)?

I thought the second and third ones were fairly predictable and obvious: they showed her what she was giving up or turning her back on so that she could become Aes Sedai. However, I am confused by her first trial, which is supposed to show the past. Perhaps it shows the past of an Aes Sedai: Rand is the Dragon reborn so perhaps other characters are also the reincarnations of other major figures from the same time period. Otherwise I am totally stumped and look forward to being enlightened.

4. Reunion time! How do you feel about all these old faces showing up all over the place?

Yay: Thom is alive! Not only that but the lucky old goat has taken up with a sexy young apprentice: way to go, Thom! :D

I think we had all decided that Thom was going to play an integral part to the story at some point, so it was good to see him reappear. I loved the low key way in which he reacted to Rand’s appearance at his performance: he is just so cool and laid-back. I have a feeling that Dena will be an entertaining character to have around as well, assuming that he decides to be drawn back into Rand’s story. Somehow I cannot imagine him passing up the opportunity to follow the Horn and he has already been tied into the Pattern surrounding the Two Rivers folk, so I expect to see him tag along, grumbling all the way.

Oh, and Min has been called to Tar Valon . . . interesting! I wonder if it was Moiraine that did the summoning or someone else. I thought it was interesting that she and Elayne were already best buddies, although I can see how they would both find it difficult to be accepted by the other novices. Also, their mutual acquaintance with Rand would draw them together as well. As with Lan’s bond, I remember where this ends, so I will say no more.

Was I the only one to find it a bit much when the three girls were doing a group hug and declaring each other BFFs? Nynaeve would have slapped them all for being so girly! :D

5. Selene sure showed up at a convenient time didn't she? What do you think she is plotting?

We are all unanimous in our advice that Rand run as far and as quickly as he can, but I think that she will still turn up around him. I think that her plan is fairly simple: encourage Rand to become King of the World so that she can rule it by ruling him. She is power-hungry in the extreme and only sees Rand as a puppet to be manipulated for her own benefit. I wish we could arrange for a sensible woman to slap him repeatedly or throw cold water over him when Selene deigns to return to his side. He could do with some bromide in his tea or feminizing tablets so that he is less susceptible to her charms! :D

However, if she continues to disappear when things get tricky and keeps making her pointed comments he will soon start to dislike her. At least, that is my hope because his manly bits cannot over-rule his brain forever, can they? Yea, right: who am I kidding? His brain will take a long time to reassert itself no matter how awful she is . . . I predict that only the presence of a sensible woman will break her control over him.

I notice that her second note was delivered by an old woman . . . please, please, let this be Selene’s real appearance!


  1. 1. The statue definitely sounds like the one Domon mentioned. I wonder if he was talking about this one or if there are more than one >.>

    2. I agree that it is sweet that Moraine doesn't want Lan to waste his life on revenge, however it still seemed like she should have talked to him before she did it xD

    4. I'm so excited to get to know Dena more, she sounds awesome :D

    5. It seems like he might already be getting annoyed with her constant comments about greatness, at least I hope so, haha

    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

  2. I get the impression that Moiraine doesn't really discuss things with people too much, no matter who they are! :D

  3. Yeah for Moiraine, even if Lan is peeved by it. 'I, Moiraine Sedai, being of sound mind and body, do bequeath unto you, Some As Yet Unknow Aes Sedai, my aging Warder, Lan. He is a fantastic body guard, decent cook, excellent with horses, poor conversationalist. I hope you make out better than I did.'

    It was good to see Thom. I expected him to show up because his name kept coming to mind for the Two Rivers folks. I am curious to find out more about his past and what he is running from.

    Oh yes! So silly, those girls doing the BFF Witch Girl Hug. Was I ever that young? Do such promises of friendship hold true in real life? It was silly, but I am enjoying the book, so I can take a little silliness.

    While Selene's appearances cause grief and consternation for the characters (and entertainment for me), I really hope that she is not Rand's first lay. He should have something sweet - not a lady who is using her entire arsenal of sex mojo to gain control of him.

    1. Somehow, I don't think that Rand is going to let Selene have her way with him . . . but I agree that she would not be a good 'first' . . . too many overtones of Mrs Robinson for my liking! :D


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