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A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett Read Along: Week 3

If you haven't read the book, why not join in and read along with the rest of us? Of course, you would need to read The Wee Free Men first, but that’s a short book and you could finish it a few minutes!

You can find links to everyone else’s thoughts at the Little Red Reviewer.

This week we read through to the end of Chapter 9

I got a chuckle out of Tiffany's visit to ZakZak's shop, especially the bit about the different styles of witch hats. What kind of witchy goodies would YOU buy there?

I always get this paranoia when I am in shops that sell fine china or glass that I will accidentally knock over a table and smash everything, so I appreciated the Hiver’s threat to do just that. However, it seemed like most of the stuff in the shop was useless rubbish and I would want things that actually had some power.

Let me see . . . I want a magical iron that will do my husband’s shirts all by itself, plus an intelligent lawn mower to cut the grass while I read books and sip iced drinks, oh, and a self-cleaning litter box for the kitties . . . I think you get the idea! :D

Inside Tiffany's head might be the strangest place the Feegle have ever been. What did you think of Pratchett's imagery of her mind, and of her safe place?

I dread to think what constitutes the strangest place a Feegle has ever been.

I love the way that his descriptions are so visual: I could really see the land rising up to show that it was her body. We already know that she and the Land have a very interconnected existence, so it was really no surprise that it held her safe place. I loved the idea of Granny’s hut being the real hiding place, and the use of her ‘special smell’ was ingenious.

Poor Miss Level. Do you think she'll ever recover from what happened to her? How is this going to change her relationship with Tiffany?

I think that she will grow accustomed to using her ‘invisible’ body and come to terms with her loss, which was bound to happen at some point I suppose. I do not think that she will hold it against Tiffany, as she seems to be convinced that it was the Hiver doings. She is such a kind, giving person that I cannot imagine her holding a grudge. However, I am not sure that Tiffany can live with the guilt, so that might strain their relationship.

In the discussion Tiffany has with Mistress Weatherwax at the end of chapter 9, Weatherwax gives Tiffany some very important information about how to be a witch. Who would you rather study with to become a witch? Weatherwax or Level?

That is a tough choice, but I think I would go with Weatherwax. Although Miss Level is very nice, I am not sure that she can teach Tiffany as much about being a witch. When it comes to learning, I will always choose the person with the most to teach me and the best skills for getting me to reach my full potential. Perhaps this is why my favorite teacher at school was a total dragon who scared me half to death for the first couple of years, but who crammed my head full of correct English usage and grammar.

Any thoughts on how the story might end? Do you think the Hiver is gone for good?

It seems way too early in the story for the Hiver to have been defeated, unless there is a really big glossary or something, so I have to assume that it will make a reappearance. Other than that I am still waiting for the Hat Full of Sky to make its appearance.


  1. hehe! I also want magic items to clean too. especially the bathroom. Sigh....Maybe a wand of manure shoveling for the corrals, the sigil of laundry, and the pendant of vacuuming.

    Tiffany also knows why Miss Level left the circus, because the Hiver knew. Apparently Miss Level was quite stunned when Tiffany/Hiver told her. I would think that would sit awkwardly between them for a while.

    I don't think things would be boring with Weatherwax. Ever. Whereas, with Miss Level, you would learn so much, and then things would be routine for a loooooonnnnnnggggg time until something like a Hiver showed up and then you get to learn something new.

    1. Somehow I think that Miss Level is too nice to be a very good teacher: I can't see her pushing Tiffany to stretch herself.

  2. Do you know the roomba vacuum? it's a little robot vacuum. that company needs to come up with a lawn mower! hmmm... if I can't find a magic item that will clean my bathroom, maybe i could get an Oswald to do it?

    I too am waiting for the hat full of sky. Tiffany "lost" the hat for a little while, I'm surprised it didn't come up in her conversation with Mistress Weatherwax. we still have a few more chapters to go!

    1. I could try a robot vacuum, but I would need to empty out the pet hair every 5 mins, the cats would try to kill it on a regular basis and the male tortoises would try to have sex with it whenever they got the chance! :D

    2. I just got one of those recently (and named it Albert), it works pretty great! I don't have any animals though, so I can't claim anything on that account.

  3. Ah, well, if we're moving into total fantasy then I want a self cleaning house full stop! Not to mention I think it would be helpful if when I tidy the garden at the start of Spring it stays maintained.
    Miss Weatherwax reminds me very much of Granny Aching. She just feels like one of those all knowing types.
    I forgot about the hat going MIA. It's going to be an interesting few chapters.
    Lynn :D

    1. I suppose what I really need is a fully-trained husband who tidies up after himself . . . 22 years and I still haven't mastered that!

  4. I have mastered the art of getting my fiancé's shirts to be ironed without my intervention. He says "Can you iron these?" and I say "They look fine to me." And then he irons them himself! It's like magic ;). Granted, my fiancé is way more into housecleaning than I am... he has actually just started spontaneously cleaning our computer desks while I'm typing this, because "they have marks on them". (I do normally help out with housework, I promise! I'm not a slob!) We both have often wished for some kind of magic surface-cleaning device, though, which can fly around and dust all the counters and tables.

    On the china shop comment, after one unfortunate incident with a shelf and a backpack that was bigger than I thought, I am also a bit paranoid in stores like that! Luckily my disaster was in a less expensive kind of store, so I was mostly just very embarrassed.


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