Women in SF&F

(Last updated Jan 17, 2014)

This list is compiled from the recommendations give during the Women in SF&F Month at Fantasy Cafe, which has run in April for the last two years. You can check out my Goodreads Shelf for a suggested title for each author. My intention is to try to read at least one title by each of these female authors, although I am not sure how long it will take me.

(P) Read in the past, no review available or upcoming.
(U) Read recently, upcoming review.
(R) I have reviewed at least one title by this author: you can find a list here.
(C) Scheduled for reading as part of a Challenge this year

(S) A title by this author has been included in Sue’s Saturday Suggestions

Aguirre, Ann (C)
Alexander, Cassie
Anderson, R.J.
Armstrong, Kelley (P)
Asaro, Catherine
Atwood, Margaret (R)

Bambara, Toni Cade
Bear, Elizabeth (R) (S)
Benedict, Lyn
Berg, Carol (C)
Beukes, Lauren
Bigelow, Susan J.
Bishop, Anne (S) (C)
Blakeney, Jay D.
Bradley, Marion Zimmer (C)
Brennon, Marie (S)
Briggs, Patricia (U)
Britain, Kristen
Bujold, Lois McMaster (C)
Bull, Emma
Burgis, Stephanie
Butler, Octavia E. (R)

Carey, Jacqueline (C)
Carlson, Amanda (S)
Cherryh, C.J.
Coates, Deborah
Constantine, Storm
Cooper, Susan
Creasy, Sara
Czerneda, Julie E.

Dellamonica, A.M.
Dexter, Susan
Due, Tananarive (C)
Duffy, Kathleen
Durst, Sarah Beth (S)

Elliott, Kate (C)
Elliott, Zetta

Flewelling, Lynn
Friedman, C.S. (C)
Frohock, Teresa (S) (C)

Goonan, Kathleen Ann
Grant, Mira
Griffith, Nicola (C)
Guin, Ursula K. Le (R)

Haines, Lise
Hambly, Barbara
Hardinge, Frances (S)
Hobb, Robin (C)
Hopkinson, Nalo
Host, Andrea K.
Huff, Tanya (S)

Jemisin, N.K. (R)
Jones, Diana Wynne
Jones, Gwyneth (C)

Knox, Elizabeth
Kress, Nancy (S) (C)

L'Engle, Madeleine
Lackey, Mercedes
Leicht, Stina (S) (C)
Lewitt, Shariann
Lo, Malinda
Locke, M.J.
Lowachee, Karin (C)

Mahy, Margaret
Marillier, Juliet (S) (C)
Matthews, Susan R.
May, Julian (P)
McCaffrey, Anne (R)
McGuire, Seanan (C)
McKenna, Juliet C
McKillip, Patricia A. (S) (C)
McKinley, Robin
Milford, Kate
Mitchell, Syne
Monette, Sarah
Moon, Elizabeth (C)
Moore, Moira J.
Morehouse, Lyda
Moriarty, Chris

Nazarian, Vera
Neumeier, Rachel (S)
Norton, Andre (R)
Novik, Naomi (P)

Pagliassotti, Dru
Pearson, Mary E.
Peterfreund ,Diana (R)
Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Pierce, Meredith Ann
Pierres, Marianne de

Reeves, Dia
Riley, Judith Merkle
Roberson, Jennifer
Robson, Justina
Russell, Mary Doria
Ryan, Carrie

Sandell, Lisa Ann
Sargent, Pamela
Schafer, Courtney (R)
Scyoc, Sydney J. Van
Sedia, Ekaterina
Shearin, Lisa
Sheehan, Anna
Shinn, Sharon
Sinclair, Linnea
Slonczewski, Joan
Smith, Sherwood (S)
Snyder, Lucy A.
Spencer, Wen (C)
Stiefvater, Maggie (S)

Taylor, Laini (R) (S)
Tepper, Sheri S. (R)
Traviss, Karen
Turner, Megan Whalen

Valente, Catherynne M. (S)
Vinge, Joan D. (C)

Waitman, Katie
Warrington, Freda (R) (S)
Wein, Elizabeth (S)
Weis, Margaret
Wells, Jaye
Wells, Martha (R)
Whitcomb, Laura
Wilkins, Kim
Willis, Connie (C)
Windling, Terri (R)  

Zettel, Sarah

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