Thursday, March 29, 2012

What to write when you REALLY hate a book?

Every now and then we all come across a book that we really, REALLY hate. This is a shame, but not unexpected.

However, it does create a problem for those of us who enjoy reviewing books. To review or not to review: that is the question. There seems to be three possible answers:

  • Ignore the offending title and quietly forget that we ever heard of it. Perhaps give it a one star rating on Goodreads, but move on without wasting any further time on it.
  • Write a review that is brief, and therefore doesn't involve a lot of time or energy, which you don't feel the title deserves, but makes a few points about what you didn't like. This allows you to feel justified about that one star review and that you have warned your friends to avoid a bad read.
  • Spend a great deal of time and energy writing a full-blown diatribe, itemizing in excruciating detail exactly what you hated about the book, giving vent to the overwhelming flood of negative emotion that the author has stirred within you and pouring out all the venom, hurt and rage that you can muster.

I am not sure which of these is the best option to take. However, I do know which one gives the funniest product, and I came across one example this week. 

Enjoy, but please note that this review, the top rated review on Goodreads this week, contains strong language. :D


  1. I sometimes use a combination of all three. I start with ignoring. If I'm still thinking about it, I write a very short review. If I can't get it out of my head, I rant, but in a sorta nice funny way.

    Thanks for sharing the Starcrossed review. Entertaining!

  2. It is unusual for me to finish a book that irritates me enough for a real rant. My review of Keri Arthur's Full Moon Rising is about as close to a rant as I have got so far, but I guess there is always time . . .

  3. omg, that was awful, but so hilarious!!  i nearly snarfed a cookie thru my nose reading that!

    Books I love end up getting read pretty fast, usually in a few days.  If a book just isn't keeping my attention, and I manage to get at least half way through it, i'm gonna slog thru the rest of the stupid thing even if it takes me all week. and by then, I've invested so much time, I aughta write the stupid review.

    i try not to be venomous. most of the time I succeed at that by taking your middle route, of writing a brief useless review that attempts to tactfully say "this book just wasn't for me".

  4. Sorry about your nose: perhaps I should have added a warning :D


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