Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Minion by L.A. Banks

My Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

I made it to about page 100, but I'm afraid I simply couldn't force myself to keep reading this book.

The main character is not only the one-born-in-every-1000-years uber vampire slayer, but also a rap star . . . the dialogue is inane and often used for exposition in a way that is simply absurd . . . but the worst was a chapter where the author changed where the action was located half way through the scene but didn't re-edit the dialogue to change the 'here's to 'there's.

I hate not finishing a book, and I rarely give up part way through, but this was just plain bad. :(

I have finally found something good to say about Minion: it brought me to Fangs for the Fantasy, where Sparky gives a much more in depth discussion of the book and why she hated it.


  1. oh, that's too bad! I have always wanted to read LA Banks. Have you tried any of her other books?

  2. I was looking forward to this book, but it was so badly written that I wouldn't even attempt another of her books unless it was heavily recommended by someone I really trusted. I was genuinely surprised at how poor her dialogue, plotting, characters and exposition were, considering that there are 12 books in this series alone. For example, it took me nearly 100 pages to work out that the heroine is a POC, but that almost makes the stereotypically awful hip-hop language even worse, especially as the author was a POC herself.

    Very, very disappointed :(


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