Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sue's Saturday Suggestions #71

Interesting Books

I have listed these titles in earlier SSS posts: check out my SSS Books Page for links to more reviews:

The Lives (and Deaths) of Tao by Wesley Chu, review at Bookworm Blues

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman, review at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke, review at Bibliotropic

Redshirts by John Scalzi, review at Bibliotropic


November is Sci-Fi Month at Rinn Reads – check out the extensive schedule

Author Interviews

Welsey Chu at Bookworm Blues

Freda Warrington at SF Signal

Jan DeLima

Celtic Moon Spotlight & Giveaway at Grave Tells

Interview & Giveaway at Manga Maniac Cafe

Interview & Giveaway at Rabid Reads

Time For A Rethink? An Update

A couple of weeks ago I had a crisis of confidence and decided to re-evaluate my blogging. I hope you have noticed that I found the self-discipline to start posting reviews on a regular basis (Wednesdays and Fridays), which should mean that I get through the backlog in a few months or so . . . I plan to keep to this schedule as much as possible especially as it is working so far without too much life-altering angst.

However, I have decided to make one rather important change to my blogging, which might sound a little strange at first but it makes sense to me. Ever since I started this blog I have had a nagging desire to share my great love for books set in Rome. Admittedly, I am mostly interested in reading the ones set in Ancient Rome, especially the mysteries written by authors such as Lindsey Davis and Steven Saylor (you can check out this post for more gushing), but I recently read one set in the modern city and realized that I loved that just as much. I have also been given the task of planning a family vacation in Italy next spring or early summer, which will be my first return to that fair country for four years. This means that I will need to dust off my well-worn pocket dictionary and reacquaint myself with the wonderful Italian language. Then there is Jan DeLima and her insistence that I should write a book of my own which provoked a flash of inspiration the other night for a way to combine Ancient Rome with my experiences living in rural Scotland . . .

All of this has turned my thoughts back to the Eternal City and made me decide to start that other blog. I am busy working on a color scheme and graphics, but that can be a seemingly never-ending process, so I will not give you a launch date just yet. All I will say is, “Watch this space!” :D

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