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Top 10 of 2012: Best Boyfriends of 2012

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After re-checking my Read shelf on Goodreads, it seems that I have read very few books actually published in 2012 this year: a whopping six titles! Of those, two were Simon’s Cat titles, one was a fairly poor Romance and one was an anthology of Science Fiction stories about Robots.

This leaves me with only two characters that could even vaguely be described as ‘boyfriends’:

Barrons is one of those alpha males who is slightly repellent because of his overbearing attitude, but who is totally mesmerizing and very, very attractive. His physically attractiveness is counterbalanced by his biting sarcasm and dismissive attitude towards our heroine, Mac. He is grim and appears humorless, rarely smiling and yet often exuding a sense of barely controlled sexual tension when Mac provokes him. There is an otherworldliness to his grace and manner of movement, which allows him to move quickly and almost silently. Taken all together this creates an intriguing but highly attractive package, that Mac finds difficult to resist . . . and did I mention: he runs an epic bookstore!

We see Temur with two different women in this title, but it is his devotion to Edene that shows his great potential as a partner. She is the aggressor in their relationship and he is almost reluctant to bed her, because he knows how short his life might be. He is very conscious of his responsibility towards her and her family, but he fears that he could cause them to become the target of his enemies, and this proves to be the case when Edene is kidnapped. Determined to recover her, he sets out to discover who has taken her and where. He is a thoughtful young man, who has prowess with a horse and a bow, but is not the overly alpha male that we see in Barrons. I am not so sure that he would create the same kinds of fireworks as Barrons, but he would provide a steady, comforting love that would keep you warm through the coldest nights.


  1. Barrons. I LOVE HIM. I still have to read a couple of books in this series, but he's SO good and bad at the same time that it's hard not to love and hate him

  2. Haha! Prior to becoming a blogger I didn't read very many books published in the current year either. Although Barrons is a good man to have on any list!

    My Book Boyfriends of 2012

  3. It's great to read older books! I must meet Barrons! I hear a lot about him!
    My Top 10

  4. I haven't read these yet, but I have heard plenty about Barron from other readers. :D I really must meet him soon.

  5. Funny! Once I thought about ow many 2012 books I read, how well I remember the characters, and what criteria I could even use to determine what made a "good boyfriend," I decided to skip this topic! :p

    I love your descriptions here, though! I was a little put off by "aggressive" and "overbearing," but running a bookstore is definitely a plus!

  6. I thought they meant books published in 2012 OR books you read in 2012. The majority of mine were NOT published in 2012...oh well! Wasn't going to stop me from participating. I love the covers of those books and you BBs sound intriguing.


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