Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sue's Saturday Suggestions #17

Interesting Books

(Descriptions from Goodreads)

Hexcommunicated by Rafael Chandler, review at Fangs For the Fantasy

Agent Nick Tepes is a Vampoule, a synthetic vampire specializing in counterterrorism operations. When his team picks up chatter about an imminent attack from the Al-Hazred terrorist network, Tepes and his unit of FAE operatives move to intercept.

However, a psychic has already seen the future: as the sun comes up, the terrorists will strike, and Tepes will die. The team has one night to prevent this prophecy from coming true, but the psychics of Hex Division are never wrong...

I have listed these titles in earlier SSS posts: check out my SSS Books Page for links to more reviews

Hounded by Kevin Hearne, review at Fantasy Literature

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, reviews at Fiktshun & Vampire Book Club


Poison Princess by Kresley Cole at Fiktshun & Vampire Book Club

Bookish Tools & Things

Smash Attack Reads has posted Part 1 of a series of resource lists that should be helpful to all of us book-obsessed individuals.

Play Planet Baen and Earn Free Books!

Thanks to SciFi Chick for her post highlighting this.

Free on Amazon

There is quite a lot of buzz about Courtney Schafer’s latest book, The Tainted City (The Shattered Sigil #2), so I was pleased to learn that the first book in the series, The Whitefire Crossing, is free on Amazon at the moment.

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