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Read Along of Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson: Part 2

You can see Naithin’s Part 2 post, and the links to the other blogs taking part, here.

This week we have read up to the end of Chapter 23.

1) We’ve seen more of Vasher and Nightblood in action and heard perhaps quite a different perspective from the mercenaries. Any thoughts on what Vasher and Nightblood’s nature or motivations may ultimately be?

Nightblood’s motivation seems to be fairly simple: kill everybody! :D

Now that we have seen Nightblood in action, I am still not sure what it is or how it was made. It seems to be a form of Awakened object, but is sentient, which does not fit with the other Awakened we have encountered. I still want to know more, but it is a deeply scary weapon: and why does it not affect Vasher?

As for Vasher, it seems that he is trying to uncover the secrets that are being kept by the priests. I have no idea why he would want to do that, but his ability to control, or be unaffected by, Nightblood suggests that he is very powerful. Also, I loved the Awakened squirrel: what a wonderfully effective way to keep everyone occupied!

2) How about the mercenaries themselves? Denth seems to be spectacularly dangerous; more than we may have suspected. Then there is Tonk Fah and the recently introduced Jewels. Are they playing it level with Vivenna, do you think?

Denth has shown his hidden depths a little. With my recent experience of Mistborn, I automatically wonder if he has access to a different type of magic, which accounts for his amazing speed and fighting skill. Tonk Fah is good fun and Jewels is just miserable, but the Lifeless, Clod, is interesting in a creepy way. I loved how he crept up to Vivenna: so funny! I think the team is being honest with Vivenna: it is Parlin that I suspect of treachery. He is wearing a very distinctive hat and keeps dashing off to who knows where: it all seems very suspicious to me.

3) We – and Siri – were let in on (some of) the secrets surrounding the God King as well, and what has been done to him to keep him in check. Or at least; we’ve seen Siri’s thoughts on why it was done. Do you think she was right? What consequences do you perhaps see arising from her teaching the Godking?

I feel quite sorry for the God King now: poor guy! I had thought it strange that two priests seemed to be responsible for the Awakened ropes that lifted him into his seat at the Arena, but I did not guess that he was powerless.

I think Siri’s thoughts are probably correct: it seems as if he has been made as harmless as possible so that he can be easily controlled. He does not seem to be a raving lunatic, which might have justified attempts to restrict his powers, so I cannot think of another reason to remove his ability to Awaken. I find his illiteracy even more concerning: it suggests that he is totally dependent upon his priests and servants.

I predict that he might be a little angry when he finds out what has been hidden or taken from him.

4) Blushweaver seems to be working toward some end goal we’re not yet privy to, but we know she is after anyone with Lifeless commands. Any ideas what/who/where her target may be once control of the Lifeless is gained?

She seems to be determined to go to war: or to make everyone think that. Of course, she might want the Lifeless to target someone else, possibly the God King himself. Perhaps she has learnt that he is powerless and wants to take his position for herself. I am probably wrong though and she just wants to crush Idris because she is bored.


  1. Oh, I bet you're right about Parlin.  Though maybe he's just trying to fit in with his hat?  I love his hat. :)

    I think that in the end, Sanderson will be anti-monarchical.  The
    Godking, poor miserable guy, *would* have far too much power if he were
    free and effective.  Evil priests have stolen that power for themselves,
    but it's still too much for anyone.  

  2. Parlin, I dunno... I'd be somewhat surprised if he turned out to be full blown traitor, but then I guess it is certainly possible. It was mentioned that he had been right up to the border of T'Telir at least once, so contact certainly could have been made.

    I suspect that if he is betraying Vivenna in any way, it will be to her father but that this may have dire consequences at a particularly inopportune time. 

  3. I guess it depends on what he can still do without the tongue . . . I am just wary of the priests in a religion where they are the only conduit to the gods.

  4. Maybe I am just being suspicious, it is just that the hat has been mentioned a few times, which makes me feel like it is important for some reason. It reminds me too much of the waitresses' dresses in that scene in Mistborn when Breeze uses the dress colors to communicate with the other Mistings in the crowd.

  5. I really enjoyed picturing the havoc caused by that lifeless squirrel too. All that screeching, cursing, throwing and dropping things.....Sounds like I need one of those for distraction purposes.

    I also think Blushweaver is bored. She is probably only interested in Lightsong because of his Lifeless commands.... and because he is one of the few Returned she has not bedded yet. 

  6. You might be right about Blushweaver: Lightsong might be fascinating because he won't play the game like the others.


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