Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bastards! The Republic of Thieves Read Along

The Chosen One

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . .

Well, in March of 2012, if you want to be completely accurate, and in this galaxy right here, if you want to be even more annoyingly truthful, I stumbled upon a Tweet about a wonderful, mythical experience called a “Read Along”. As a baby blogger, I had yet to encounter this particular type of ethereal communion, but the leader of this mysterious group, who named herself “Redhead”, seemed open to the annoyance of fresh-faced neophytes like myself and I shyly followed the link to her blog and added my name to the growing list of devotees.

The Text

How was I to know that this one simply act would change my life for ever . . .

A few weeks later and the ritual began. A few hours devouring the exquisite writing of The Chosen One and then the heady excitement as I waited for the Questions to arrive in my inbox was only matched by the mental stimulation provoked by those very Questions as I tried to answer the Answers from my reading of the Text. Then, joy of joys! I could read the Answers that other great thinkers had reached from reading the exact same Text! You cannot imagine the amazing insight that I gained into the Text as we exchanged opinions and interpretations in a glorious fusion of understanding and previous life experiences.

It was only some time later that I realized that I would never be the same again . . .

A year and a half later and I am returning to my RA roots and joining Redhead in a reading of a book that I have been saving myself for all year long. If you want to join in you can sign up at her post over at the Little Red Reviewer . . . you know you want to!


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