Friday, May 4, 2012

Blogs Highlighting Female SF&F Authors

Thanks to Kristen over at the Fantasy Cafe, I have spent the last month being educated about female authors publishing in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. As a person who used to think of herself as a fan of these types of fiction, I am embarrassed to say that many of the authors mentioned were previously unknown to me: something that I want to correct as soon as possible.

One particular guest post really grabbed my attention. Ian Sales wrote about his website SF Mistressworks, which is based upon a challenge: to list and review every SF book by a female author published before the year 2000. I am proud to say that my review of Six Moon Dance by Sherri S Tepper is the latest review to be posted. I am doubly excited about this because it is the first time that one of my reviews has been published somewhere other than here on my own blog.

Of course, Ian has undertaken a huge task, so he needs as much help as possible. He asks for as many people as possible to submit titles or suitable reviews, so that they can be added to the collection. He has a FAQ page to provide guidelines.

There are also two sister sites that I should mention: they were only started last month, so they have a mountain of work to do. I am sure that any publicity or help would be gratefully received.

Daughters of Prometheus – continuing Ian’s work into the 21st century
Fantasy Mistressworks – the equivalent of Ian’s blog, but for fantasy

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