Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Armchair BEA 2012: Networking . . . In Real Life?!

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When it comes to networking in real life I am exceptionally lucky because I have a great book club at my local library.

Not Your Ordinary Book Group was started in 2009 by Bangor Public Library, Maine, as an initiative to increase library use by women in the 20s-30s age group. We meet once a month to share coffee, cookies and our love of reading. Usually, we read two books a month, one that is Mystery, Suspense or Horror and one that is Romance, Fantasy or Women's Fiction. The titles up for the vote come from a list of suggestions from the members. These are not necessarily works of great literary merit, but they are usually entertaining and compelling, some even require a chili pepper rating for their spicy content! If you want to get an idea of what we read you can find most of the books that we have read here, whilst we have those books that have been suggested for the book votes here.

However, the group is not just the ladies who meet in the library. Since the autumn of 2010, the group has had a web presence, through its blog, and so it is available to a much wider readership. This caught the eye of the Library Journal, who included the group’s format in an article in September 2011. Not long after this, the group received a grant to buy e-readers and e-books, which has made it much easier for us to read new or very popular titles.

The group is full of amazing ladies and has introduced me to some wonderful books and authors, but, more importantly, it is great fun. I strongly advise you to find a local book group that reads the types of books that you like. If you cannot find one, maybe you should consider starting one: I am sure that you will not regret it.


  1. I love book clubs!  I recently joined an online one (we skype our meetings)  Its so fun to hear other people's perspectives!


  2. How much fun is that book club! And how wonderful that you all received a grant like that - that's a great story!

  3. Wow that's a very successful book group!! I wish I could find something like that in my area. Very cool :-)

  4. Sounds like a successful group. So nice! I have a small book group that I started with a friend which is also really nice. Well, discussing books with others who like to read is always good, isn't it?

  5. Absolutely: I love hearing what everyone else thinks about what we read! :)

  6. The grant has been amazing: we now have 15 Nooks to use. Barnes and Noble are making an effort to support book groups, which is good to know! :)

  7. I am very lucky, I know: especially as we read a nice variety of genres. :)

  8. What a great story and neat experience for your group!  

  9. Sue, you just made me a little misty-eyed with this post. Sarah and I have worked so hard on our book group. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear how much it's enjoyed! It's those little positive reminders that are so important in life, isn't it?

    We DO have a group of amazing ladies, and you are one of them!! I will just say this here to everyone else who might happen upon this comment thread, because this forum doesn't allow you to actually hear Sue, but she has the most beautiful English accent that has persuaded the group on more than one occasion toward the book she wants, that combined with obvious intelligence! :o)

    Anyway, I could not figure out how to comment with my NYOBG profile, so I did so with my personal Disqus account. You're going to have show me that next time I see you, Sue! :o) Hopefully I don't have to create another Disqus account, because two twitter accounts and three blogs are quite enough for the moment.

    See you next Thursday,

  10. Praise where credit is due! Plus, the book group has been such a wonderful part of my experience here in the US. I now feel like I really belong here: I love you guys!  

    I have the most awful Northern accent (in my opinion) and you describe me as if I talk like the Queen! :D

  11. It was a great gift and has made it so much easier for us to read popular titles like The Hunger Games. :)

  12. Through your library, you say? Funny, but I would never have thought to check at my library. Maybe that is just the type of events held at my library. That sounds like a very well run group, to have gotten the notice of Library Journal!

  13. If they don't already run a group they might be interested in starting one: at the least it would be a good place to have meetings and / or advertise. I know that the book groups at my library are all part of a campaign to encourage reading and library use, so I would imagine that most libraries would be glad to help. Good luck! :)

  14. This is a great post! I really like reading about what bloggers get up to offline. I am new to your blog so it is great to see what you're like!

    Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page


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